Dividend Plus Plan

This is an Investment-Linked Life Assurance Policy designed to produce maximum returns to policyholders and at the same time give financial protection to one’s dependants (in case of death) through low cost life assurance cover which is provided up to age 65.


Payment could be monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or annually.

IGI Dividend Plus Plan guarantees very high rate return which ensures accelerated growth of your fund.

For Whom

The IGI Dividend Plus Plan (DPP) is designed as an investment-linked assurance policy for people desirous of providing financial protection for their dependants (in case of death).

Main Features

• Low cost assurance cover
• Cover provided up to age 65
• Flexible payment options (monthly, quarterly, bi-annually and annually)
• Very high return rate which ensures accelerated growth of fund


• Policyholder has an option to withdraw 25% of investment after every five years
• In case of accidental death of the policyholder, DPP pays accidental death benefit up to a maximum of =N=500,000.00
• The policyholder can apply for a loan up to 80% of the investment account balance after three (3) years payment subject to the companies discretion
• The policy can be used as security for loans elsewhere
• Premium paid are exempt from tax
• The benefits are tax free
• Waiver of premium in case of incapacity before Age 60