Personal Accident/Group Personal Accident

These policies indemnify the insured person(s) for death, permanent disability, temporary total disablement or medical expenses where insured, following an accident causing bodily injury solely by violent accidental and visible means.

The personal accident policy is personalistic or individualistic in nature, whereas the group personal accident is generalistic or within the group.

The personal accident policy is always taken out by a single individual while the group is issued to at least two persons; members of a social club, members of the same family or employees in a common employment.



  • Death
    Provided death occurs within twelve months from the date of accident, the benefit payable may be a specified capital sum or multiples of wages.
  • Permanent Disability
    Provided this occurs within twelve months from the date of accident. The benefit payable may be a specified sum or percentage or multiples of wages.
  • Temporary Total Disablement
    This is a weekly benefit and payable for a maximum period of 104 weeks. It may be an agreed amount per week or a percentage of wages per week.
  • Temporary Partial Disablement
    This is seldom given by underwriters, and it is usually a percentage of TTD (Temporary Total Disablement) payable per week. Proposal in this respect should be referred to the Head Office for consideration.
  • Medical Expenses
    The maximum payable in any one occurrence, is the agreed policy limit where this is incurred following an accident.