Professional Indemnity

The purpose of the IGI Professional Indemnity Insurance policy is to protect the Professional person against legal liability, by paying damages to persons who have sustained financial loss arising from the professional’s negligence or that of his employee in the conduct of business.


This is a “Claims Made” Policy as it covers claims made against the insured, which were first notified to the insured, during the currency of the policy regardless of when the event giving rise to the claim occurred.


Covering (Summary Only )

Legal Liability for negligent acts, errors and omissions committed by the insured in their professional capacity.


Geographical Limits

Any action for damages brought against the insured in a court of law within Nigeria.


Principal Exclusions

This policy shall not cover claims:

  • brought about by dishonest, fraudulent, criminal or malicious acts or omission of the insured or any person at the time employed by the insured
  • notified under any previous policy
  • made or threatened or in any way intimated on or before the inception date of the policy unless mentioned on the proposal and not excluded by the insurer
  • where the incident giving rise to the claim occurred prior to the retroactive date
  • in addition, the policy does not cover risks, which are more properly the subject of general public liability


Limits Of Liability

To be determined by the insured with one automatic reinstatement.



10% of Claim.


Significant Extensions

  • Breach of warranty of authority committed in good faith
  • Loss of documents
  • Former partners
  • Partner previous business


Basis of Loss Settlement

Actual claim from third party subject to Limit of Liability of the policy.


Principal Conditions / Warranties etc.

  • The Insured shall not admit liability for or settle any claim without the written consent of the insurers
  • The Insured shall give immediate notice to the insurers of any claim made against them, of receipt of notice of an intention to hold the insured responsible or any occurrence which may subsequently give rise to a claim


  • 0.85% – 1.25% (Limit of Indemnity)
  • 0.25% – 0.5% (Turnover)