Industrial All-Risk Insurance

All major industrial concerns having high values in one or more locations are eligible to take IGI Industrial All Risks Insurance Policy.


The policy offers cover against damage due to arise from all perils covered by:

  •  Fire and Special Perils policy
  • Burglary Insurance policy
  • Limited Fidelity Guarantee & Money Cover
  • Business Interruption due to fire and special perils policy


Losses due to the following are excluded:

  • Faulty material/workmanship/defective design and material
  • Inherent vice, defects, deterioration, and normal wear and tear
  • Collapse or cracking of buildings
  • Pollution, contamination, shrinkage, rust, corrosion, scratching, & temperature changes
  • Willful act, negligence, wars and nuclear risks


Extra covers

Debris removal, escalation and other covers available as extensions to fire policy can be covered on payment of additional premium.


Premium rates for the policy are based on:

  • Fire material damage rate and a loading due to increased exposure
  • Claims experience
  • Deductibles opted for



Application in the prescribed format along with the details of all the policies held, accompanied by inspection report of insurance company engineer are required for issuing the policy.