Personal Liability Insurance

Personal Liability Insurance is designed to cover the insured, his spouse, child and pets against injury or damage to third party.

For Whom

The policy is suitable for all industries where the need for compensation on account of defective product may arise.


Main Features

  • The policy pays for damages that the insured is legally liable to pay in consequence of accidental death/injury or disease to third parties including damage to third party property due to any defect in the products manufactured.
  • Exports to other countries can also be covered provided domestic sales are also covered.


Additional covers

  • Vendors’ Liability Extension.
  • Technical Collaborators Liability.
  • Products manufactured by sub-contractors/licensed manufacturers on their own brand name can also be covered under the same policy.



  • Claims arising out of accidents during the policy period due to defects in the products covered by the policy are payable.
  • The policy covers injury to third party and pollution liability on account of products covered.
  • Indemnity is extended to officials of the insured in their business capacity.
  • All costs, fees and expenses incurred in investigation, defense and settlement of claim made against the insured, cost of representation at any inquiry or other proceedings in respect of matters having direct relevance to the claim made against the insured are covered by the policy subject to the overall limits stated in the policy.



  • Industries are classified into groups for the purpose of rating. The rate as per the applicable risk group is applied on the annual gross turnover.
  • Further premium is charged on the limit of indemnity and depends on the ratio of any one accident to any one-year.
  • Additional premium for exports is charged based on the total exports turnover to each country.
  • All policies are subject to a minimum excess of N25, 000 or 5% of limit indemnity per any one accident.
  • All extensions carry additional rates. Discounts are offered for higher excess opted.



As the prevailing public law is stringent and the courts are awarding huge sums arising out of liabilities, it is prudent to take such an insurance cover even in cases where it is not mandatory.