Multi-Investment Plan

This is a special Endowment with Profit Life Assurance Policy. The maturity proceeds are payable instalmentally at three equal intervals. The policy duration is fixed separately at 15, 18, 21 and 24 years and the intervals for the installment payments are 5,7, and 8 years respectively.

Notwithstanding the previous instalmental payments, the full sum assured still becomes payable on death or at the end of the term of the policy on survival.

In essence, the sum assured receivable on this policy is 25%, 25% and 100% of the original sum assured for first, second and third instalments respectively.

Discontinuance of Premium Payment

The Multi-Investment Plan has an option exercisable by the assured of discontinuing payment of premium after the policy has run for at least half of its duration. In this case, part of the installment and bonus will be used to offset the outstanding premium and keep the policy in force for the remainder of its term.

Other advantages derivable from the IGI Multi-Investment Plan are:

• It can be used as collateral security for loans
• Premiums paid are tax exempt
• The maturity proceed can be exchanged for annuity