IGI Motor Insurance

Motor insurance, which is the most common of all the known classes of insurance, is designed to protect the insured for loss of or damage to his vehicle, damage to Third Party property including bodily injury and death to Third Parties caused by accident.


IGI provides motor insurance covers which include the following:


The third party only provides cover for:

Unlimited indemnity for legal liability to third parties for death or bodily injury
Legal costs incurred in defending an action for damages, including claimant’s cost awarded against the insured
Liability arising from accidents on third party property damage up to N 1,000,000.00
Indemnity for the liability of passengers in the vehicle arising from their negligence
Indemnity to the legal personal representatives of the person indemnified by the policy in the event of that person’s death


This policy provides the third party only cover described above, together with cover for the risks of fire (including explosion and lightning) and theft (or attempted theft). Cover for accessories against these perils varies between private car and other types of policy.


In addition to third party fire & theft cover described above, this policy provides a range of additional benefits, the most important of which is accidental damage to the specifically insured vehicle. Other benefits include:

Medical Expenses (Emergency Treatment) up to N 20,000.00
Free Personal Accident cover for Insured, Spouse and four children.
Towing disabled vehicle following an accident up to N 20,000.00
Strike, Riot and Civil Commotion (To be granted free of charge)
Free installation of Tracking Device for vehicles value N 3,000,000.00 and above

Choose a motor insurance plan that is right for you!

Damage to third party property up to a limit of N 1m
Unlimited (but reasonable) liability for death / bodily injury to third parties

Private Cars
These are vehicles used for social, domestic and pleasure purposes
Commercial Vehicles (Taxis, Buses and Hire Cars)
These are vehicles used for carrying fare paying passengers
Commercial Vehicles (Own Goods)
These are vehicles used for carrying commercial goods owned by the insured
Commercial Vehicles (General Cartage)
These are vehicles used for carrying goods belonging to others for hire or reward
Motorcycles / Tricycles
These are two or three-wheeled auto-bicycles used social, domestic, pleasure and sometimes for commercial purposes

A proposal form must be completed and personally signed, if need be. Note that the minimum value for any vehicle to be covered on comprehensive basis should be from
N 500,000.00. Others include:
An engineer’s report might be required for second hand vehicle
Copy of current vehicle license (To be uploaded)
Means of identification


A single IGI policy can be issued to cover various vehicles under a single ownership or for vehicles owned by employees of a corporate organization. The minimum number of vehicles required for fleet rating is five (5). Discount for fleet rating is negotiable.

Loss of use
Personal Accident Policy for insured’s driver
Excess Buy Back


The operations of motor traders and garage proprietors require special arrangements which includes the custody of, and road testing of, customers’ vehicles and driving otherwise uninsured vehicles under trade plates.

Few organizations and people who need this type of policy are:

Sales or repair of new or used cars or commercial vehicles
Bodywork repairers
Vehicle breakers
Agricultural Vehicle engineers
Auto electricians, vehicle audio and security installers, mechanical engineers

A completed and signed proposal form would be required. Information on previous insurance and claims history would be needed whilst assessing proposals on Motor Trade.

The two types of cover available are:

Premises Risks
Road Risks