Computer/Electronics Equipment

IGI’s Electronic Equipment/Computer Insurance provides cover for insured equipment described in the insurance schedule when such equipment, used in the performance of its proper function, suffer any unforeseen or accidental loss or damage from any cause (other than those specifically excluded) necessitating repair or replacement.

Cover in this regard is limited to hardware and ancillary equipment.

IGI will also reimburse the insured for the cost of clearance of debris from and cleaning of insured property damaged by any peril covered by this policy.

Perils insured by this policy are incorrect operation; negligent or malicious acts of employees or third parties; burglary, theft, robbery and the events related to them; faulty design and material; short circuit, excessive voltage, induction; fire, lightning and explosion of all kinds (including the damage caused by fire-fighting and rescue operations); scorching and charring, smoke, soot; forces of nature such as storm, flood, hail, landslide except seismic perils; any influence of water and moisture, and corrosion resulting from them; any other accident not specifically excluded.

The IGI Computer/Electronic Equipment Insurance cover can however be extended to provide for:-


In this regard, compensation will be provided to indemnify the insured for costs which the insured shall incur for replacement of data media, data and regeneration of data if such cost(s) arise in connection with indemnifiable loss or damage (occurring during the period of insurance) to hardware insured under the policy, provided the data media are at locations declared in the policy schedule or in transit between those locations


All additional cost(s) which the insured shall incur to ensure continued data processing on substitute equipment if such costs arise as an unavoidable consequence of indemnifiable loss or damage (occurring during the period of insurance) to insured hardware, shall be compensated by the policy under this extension.